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SPECTRUM Twist-Lock 

Point-of-Use Cartridges

The SPECTRUM range of POU cartridges represents a functional and design evolution. With sediment, carbon block (with or without phosphate),  hollow-fibre & reverse osmosis options available, you can customise your filtration to suit the application.


Point-of-Use RO System

Available as a complete system or as a 3-stage stand alone RO solution, the Premier Twist-Lock (PTL) provides a practical and flexible filtration solution. Capable of removing 97% of most contaminants the SPECTRUM PTL RO system utilizes two high capacity carbon block cartridges and a high-purity RO membrane cartridge.

Inline Point-of-Use


Our range of POU Inline filters from SPECTRUM & Pentair have been specifically designed to deliver protection at the point of need for reverse osmosis, water coolers and vending equipment applications. Private label option is available on all SPECTRUM Inline 870 cartridges - details available upon request.

Pentair Ultraviolet (UV) POU Systems

Ultraviolet (UV) sterilisation works by dissociating the DNA structure of living cells thus preventing their multiplication and providing you with safer, cleaner water. 

Point-of-Use Taps

Ideal for commercial & residential drinking water sources, these stylish taps deliver the most economical solution for a constant source of filtered water.