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Filter Housings

Pentair 3G Slim Line Housings

Pentair have made their filter housings even better with the unique and innovative 3G design, available in 10" & 20" Slim Line configurations.


Pentair 3G

Pentair 3G Standard Housings

The Standard version of the 3G polypropylene filter housing continues to deliver across the range in 10" and 20" blue and clear configurations. Inline brackets and meter mounts available.


Pentair 3G


Pentair Big Blue Housings

Big Blue filter housings offer the versatility to meet large-capacity filtration needs. Both 10" & 20" lengths are available with blue and clear options


Pentair Slim line

Pentair Slim Line & Standard

The Pentair Slim Line and Standard industrial range are renowned for high performance, quality and durability.


Pentair slim line

Pentair High Temperature Housings

Constructed of glass reinforced nylon, high temperature filter housings are an economical alternative to stainless steel and carbon steel housings.


Pentair High Temp

Pentair Natural Housings

All-natural, pure polypropylene filter housings help maintain the high standards of purity and performance required in critical applications. 222 option available.


Pentair Natural

SPECTRUM Aqualyze Housings

Available in a number of configurations and representing outstanding value for money these Aqualyze filter housings are manufactured to exacting, robust standards.



SPECTRUM Inox Single-Round Housings

Available in Economy, Standard & Premier, these SPECTRUM Inox 316L stainless steel, single-round filter housings provide and industrial option to filtration requirements. Options include 222 and 226 fittings, drains and gauge ports.


Spectrum Inox

SPECTRUM Inox Multi-Round Housings

Inox multi-round stainless steel filter housings are available in 5-52 round and 10-40” lengths. Premier option includes swing-bolt closure over clamp. 222 cartridge adaptor and leg available.


Spectrum Inox Multi