Gilroy team with Biotector



Gilroys team up with Biotector to provide the complete solution Ultralow TOC Online Analyser


We are pleased to announce that Gilroys will supply a complete installation and servicing package with the New Biotector UltraLow System-C TOC analyser.

After CIP/SIP rinse water is flushed through the plant to remove any traces of washing detergents. It is important to know that there is no trace of organic matter in the rinse water. Organic matter is a source of contamination.

The new Biotector Organic Analyser is specifically designed to measure ultra clean water. It will measure TOC in the 0 - 5mg/l range.

For rinse water and other clean water applications in the Pharmaceutical, Electronic and Food industries the Biotector offers an unparalleled reliability.

The Biotector UltraLow System-C is in the same family as Biotector Series 4 TOC analyser. The Series 4 is now the industry standard for waste water monitoring for environmental legislation or product waste management.


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