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Pleated Filtration Cartridges



The SPE polyester pleated filtration cartridge has a wide range of micron ratings, lengths & large diameter options, making it the ideal entry-level pleated cartridge.


SPECTRUM Premier Pleat

Constructed from a technically advanced media, the PPP filtration cartridge is capable of effective and consistent removal of the desired particle size


GE Flotrex Pleated

This exceptional Cryptosporidium rated surface filtration cartridge is ideal where the fluid is compatible with glass fibre.  


GE Memtrex Pleated Range

The Memtrex range of surface filtration cartridges has been developed to provide a wide variety of general applications through to specialist beverage,electronic and pharmaceutical grades.


SPECTRUM Inox Stainless Steel

These pleated stainless steel surface filtration cartridges offer all-welded construction for improved compatibility, strength and a wider range of suitable applications.


SPECTRUM Junior Pleat

The new SPECTRUM Junior range of absolute rated cartridges, another new addition to the Premier Pleat range perfectly address the need for an economical (Advanta, Nuclepore and Filterite LMO housings) retro-fit cartridge.


SPECTRUM  Miniature Sleeves & Housings

The SPECTRUM range of filter sleeves and miniature housings provide truly economical surface filtration where the removal of course particles is coupled with a long-term reusable filter.