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Water Treatment


Pentair GAC/TS-GAC Cartridges

Pentair GAC cartridges are made of Granular Activated Carbon with longitudinal flow direction ideal for applications requiring long contact time for high chlorine and organic reductions.

Pentair Gac

Pentair Carbon Blocks

Pentair’s range of carbon block filters offer micron options from 0.5 - 10, 5" to 20"BB sizes and target a number of applications including chlorine, taste & odour control, cryptosporidium and VOC reductions.

Pentair Carbon Blocks

SPECTRUM 870 Carbon

The SPECTRUM 870 carbon cartridge delivers a carbon block which provides a genuine balance between contaminant removal and value for money.

Pentair ChlorPlus Carbon

Pentair’s ChlorPlus filters, in both granular & block form, are the perfect cartridges for targeting the removal of chlorine and specifically chloramines. The chlorplus range is ideal for renal applications where chloramines are present.

SPECTRUM OilOut-99 Cartridges

SPECTRUM OilOut-99 filters have been principally designed to effectively remove, through absorption, dissolved and dispersed hydrocarbons efficiently from water with each pass through the filter removing up to 99% of hydrocarbons.


Pentair Electroplating Carbon

The ELPC series is a premium line of activated carbon filter cartridges specifically designed for electroplating solutions. An integrated post filtration layer ensures no carbon fines bleed into the plating bath.

Pentair Electro Plating

Pentair Water Softening Cartridges

The WS series of water softening cartridges are an effective and efficient water treatment solution providing high-capacity for point-of-use applications.

Pentair Scale Inhibiting Cartridges

The PCC series of water treatment cartridges contain food-grade hexametaphosphate that dissolves slowly in water to target problem caused by scale, corrosion and iron.


The Ion-X high capacity mixed-bed cartridge is ideal for water treatment in pharmaceutical, medical, laboratory, cosmetic and printed circuit board applications or where low TOC and TOS levels are required.

SPECTRUM ION-X High-Purity Colour Change DI

The SPECTRUM Ion-X high-purity colour change DI water treatment cartridge has been designed to provide DI water needed in high-purity water washing, rinsing and testing applications.

Heavy Metal/Nitrate/Iron Removal Cartridge

A wide range of contaminant removal cartridges are available from SPECTRUM and Pentair in our water treatment range, removing heavy metals, nitrates and irons for potable water supplies.

ResinTech Softening Resin

The CGS is ideally suited for the treatment of foodstuffs, beverages, potable water and food processing applications. Its high bead integrity, excellent chemical and physical stability and very low extractable content make this resin ideal for use in sensitive/critical applications.

Purolite Heavy Removal

C-107E is a high-purity, high-capacity weak-acid, cation-exchange water treatment resin developed for the treatment of potable water.


ResinTech General Purpose DI Resin

A high-quality mixed-bed resin, MAG-MB is manufactured from a type 1 strong-acid cation and strong anion mixture and is designed to ensure the highest capacity and most efficient operation, to create pure deionised water. In addition the component resins of the MAG-MB resin bed are specially selected to ensure low conductivity values, which make MAG-MB suitable for applications where typically a water quality of 0.1 microSiemens/cm is required.

ResinTech Nuclear Grade Mixed-Bed Resin

Nuclear grade mixed-bed DI resins are used for the production of ultra-pure water, ensuring that the water treated is of the highest purity possible.
Manufactured from strong-base type one gel anion exchange resin and strong-base acid cation exchange resin, the MBD-10NG resin from ResinTech ensures that the water processed is of highest quality 15+ megohm under dynamic load.

SPECTRUM Standard Pressure Vessel

NSF certified food grade polypropylene and reinforced with fibre glass for added strength, temperature and pressure ratings, the SV-FK water treatment vessels deliver great performance and value for money.



SPECTRUM Premier Pressure Vessel

The SPECTRUM Premier vessel range utilizes a revolutionary integrated top & bottom plate distribution system to give up to 30% higher resin efficiencies than standard systems allow.



SPECTRUM Loose Carbon

Supplied in 25 kg bags, this range of activated carbon is one of the only low-cost methods of removing low-molecular weight organic compounds. The SCG-C is intended for general chlorine and organic removal.


Pentair Empty Shells

Empty shells offer a versatile and economic way to manufacture bespoke media cartridges commonly resin and are used for numerous applications.