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The FLEXEON 300 is the ideal reverse osmosis system for applications requiring low volumes of high-purity water, such as laboratory test water or pre-DI.


The FLEXEON 1000 is the perfect entry level reverse osmosis system for more commercial applications, capable of dealing with feed water up to 2000 TDS.


Ideal for applications with increasing flow rate demands, the 2000 reverse osmosis system delivers a versatile solution with enhanced functionality, control & flexibility.


Applications with large flow rates require a reverse osmosis system that has been configured and designed with value for money and enhanced performance in mind

AXEON FLEXEON 10000& 20000 Systems

Available only in its premier configuration these reverse osmosis systems have been optimally designed, offering an array of control features. Ideal for use in many applications that require high volumes of extremely pure water.

AXEON S3 Series Seawater RO Systems

The AXEON S3 has been specially designed to efficiently convert seawater into potable drinking water. High rejection rates ensure the best quality water, while the space saving design means the S3 is ideal for use across a number of applications.

AXEON Pure Water Membranes

Capable of handling high levels of chlorine in the feed for disinfection purposes as well as thin film membranes used to ensure water purification these AXEON reverse osmosis membranes are ideal.

GE Pure Water Membranes

The A-series (AG/AK) of thin-film reverse osmosis membranes are characterized by high rejection and low energy along with excellent sodium chloride rejection.

Pentair PRF-RO System

The PRF-RO reverse osmosis system is the complete on-demand system that does away with the need for water storage. All elements are located in the manifold that is less than two cubic feet in size.

AXEON PVC Membrane Housings

The AXEON PVC housing offers a cost effective solution for water purification needs. Fileder offers an extensive range of reverse osmosis membrane housings suitable for all types of elements.

AXEON Stainless Steel

Membrane Housings

Commercial stainless steel reverse osmosis membrane housings are incredibly robust and unaffected by ultraviolet rays.

Pentair HRO Membrane Housing

The Pentair HRO reverse osmosis membrane housing is suited to residential and small-scale commercial RO applications and is able to house most standard 12" by 2" membrane elements.