Condensate Recovery

Airport surface water runoff COD analysis


S5 to S7 400 upgrade

Design, Commissioning and Installation of the Condensate return to boiler system.

Design & supply requirements

To ensure top quality condensate is returned to the boiler at all times, the individual condensate return lines are monitored for conductivity. If the condensate in any individual line is outside limits then that condensate line is diverted to drain ensuring continued quality of condensate returning to boiler.

Using a sampling system the pH is monitored on a group basis. If the pH is outside limits the group is diverted and then a sequence is initiated to determine the bad line and divert it.

An Allen Bradley Compact Logix PLC is used as the primary controller with Wonderware SCADA running on a 15” touch screen panel PC.

The Wonderware SCADA is the operator interface for

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condensate recovery and return