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Airport surface water runoff COD analysis


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Airport surface water runoff COD analysis


Design, Commissioning and Installation of a TOC/COD  analyser system in an Airport in Ireland.

Airports require accurate and resilient pollution loading measurements of storm water in order to meet stringent environmental regulations.


Design & supply requirements:


Airport de-icing operations produce water with a TOC range that can vary from <40ppm to 240,000ppm within minutes. While winter is the most active time due to glycol in de-icing fluids, other sources of TOC can occur anytime of the year. These include kerosene or oil spillage, combustion of aviation and engine fuels, aircraft and ground vehicle maintenance and repairs, and fuelling operations.

As a specialist in TOC monitoring Gilroy Automation provide turnkey solutions for Surface Water, Waste Water, Condensate and Ultra-Pure  Process Water applications.  Industries in Ireland include Pharmaceutical, chemical, Brewing, Power generation, Food and  Dairy.

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Airport COD analysis