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S5 to S7 400

Siemens S5 to S7 400 upgrade

Retain the current functionality of the systems with increased flexibility in the Recipe Management System in building Recipes. Replace the electrical panel with a new panel built to ATEX and all current EU wiring regulations. Provide up to date documentation that accurately reflects the as built equipment. Enhance the flexibility of the recipe systems to handle new production and cleaning procedures and to install the Recipe Management System on the local SCADA node. Integrate new system into existing plant wide historian and WLAN

1. Removal of existing Siemens S5 PLC hardware.
2. Installation of new Siemens S7 400 PLC hardware.
3. Electrical modifications to panel.
4. Update electrical drawings.
5. Convert existing S5 PLC code to S7 PLC code.
6. Modifications and improvements to existing control strategy.
7. Provide operator protection and safety through the use of fully automated system that is designed to current ATEX and electrical standards.
8. Installed and tested to Gamp 5 standards.


1. Simatic Step 7 programming software.
2. Siemens Grafcet programming Sequential Control Systems.
3. iFix SCADA.

1. Siemens S7 400 PLC.
2. Siemens Panel PC’s

1 Ethernet TCP.
A. Plant wide Historian.
B. SQL Server.

2 Profibus.
A. Device to PLC (Flow meters, VSD’s.)
B. Remote I/O.

plc panel siemens s5 to s7 400 upgrade