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TOC Analysers

The Hach Biotector TOC analyser is proven technology across all industries. With a 99.7% uptime and patented oxidation technique it’s reputation for reliability is second to none.

The Biotector is a single or multi-stream stream analyser with the ability to measure TOC, TIC, TC, VOC, COD, TN, TP and POC.

The analyser will self clean itself after each reaction. This combined with large sample tubing allows the Biotector to handle unfiltered samples, fats, oils, grease, salts up to 30% and sludge up to 10%.

Installed applications in Ireland include

• Product loss minimization on Dairy plants
• Storm water
• Waste Water Influent & Effluent
• Final discharge
• Landfill surface water and Leechate
• Laboratory
• Boiler Condensate return
• DIW and Process Water

Total Nitrogen - Total Phosphorus
On-line analysis of TOC, TN & TP

Chemical Oxygen Demand
On-line analysis of COD by correlation to Biotector TOC or TOC TN TP result