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Water & Waste Water On-Line Analysers

Providing a range of on-line analysers and sensors for water treatment, waste water and effluent treatment across all industries.

As a Hach distributor we offer a range of on-line measurements as follows

pH – Conventional & Differential pH technology for waste water, drinking water and process applications. Providing greater reliability, resulting in less downtime and maintenance.

Conductivity – Contacting and inductive sensors for wide range of conductivity measurements in clean water, waste water and polluted surface water

Dissolved Oxygen – advanced Luminescent Dissolve Oxygen, LDO optical technology for accurate and reliable dissolved oxygen measurement, overcoming disadvantages experienced with conventional electrochemical sensors

Turbidity – Determination of turbidity and suspended solids in a drinking water and waste water. Wide choice of analysers to suit specific applications

Chlorine – On-line analysis of Residual and Total Free Chlorine for disinfection in water process water

Ammonium – high precision ammonium measurement in water, waste water and in activated sludge basin

Nitrate – designed with a two-beam absorption photometer with turbidity compensation and integrated cleaning system.

Orthophosphates PO4 – For continuous measurement of PO4 in water, waste water and activated sludge basin.

Sludge level – The Sonatax sc uses ultrasonics to measure sludge level or depth in settling basins

Samplers – A choice of samplers to cover all applications ranging from portable to composite – multi bottle – refrigerated.

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