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Continuous Measurement of Particulate / Dust Emissions

PCME Particulate Measurement Systems provide continuous measurement of particulate emissions for Regulatory compliance and Process Improvement.

A comprehensive range of products is offered for stack emissions and bag house operation optimization.

A choice of technologies is available to ensure the correct technology is used in a particular application.

Electrodynamic - certified range 0- 15 mg/m3 MCERTS & TUV

Electrodynamic Particulate Monitoring is a proprietary technique based on a charge induction principle. Dust measurement is from 0.01 to 10,000 mg/m3. Applications include baghouses, cyclones and humid air streams

Pro Scatter - certified range 0- 15 mg/m3 QAL 1

Pro-scatter uses lazer light technology to measure dust emissions from 0.1 to 1000 mg/m3. Applications include incinerators, cement kilns and power plants.

Dynamic Opacity - certified range 0- 150 mg/m3 MCERTS & TUV

Dynamic Opacity is a ratiometric measurement based on light variation. Applications include Electrostatic Precipitators bagfilters, cyclones and boiler stacks.

PCME’s range of approved particulate measurement systems satisfy rigorous standards to meet national and international regulatory requirements. Instruments are also supplied for non-regulatory measurement with similar performance to approved instruments.

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