Process Instrumentation

On-line NIR Moisture Gauges


Nucleonic & process monitoring

Bag house Monitors & Leak Detection

Flow Level Pressure Temperature

Compressed Air Drying & Process Gas Analysis

Density Gauges

Nuclear measurement is a safe and effective, non-contact method to measure liquids or solids in harsh process environments.

Non Intrusive, Gauges Mount External to Vessel, Pipe or Conveyor with no Modifications Required

Continuous Level
Point Level
Mold Level
Radiation Detection Monitors
PC Based Software

Signal Conditioners
The Ronan X51N Series process signal conditioners, transmitters, alarm trips, and combination transmitter/trips, feature the most extensive selection of interface modules while providing component/module packaging for the most economical price. The combination of transmitter and alarm trip contained in a single module make this product the most suitable for system application in today’s space-limited control rooms

The most value-packed calibrator on the market, the lightweight and portable X88 Calibrator provides the accuracy needed for a laboratory grade type standard calibration. The X88 shows the same stability as previous calibrators while giving the user additional memory.

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