Process Instrumentation

On-line NIR Moisture Gauges


Nucleonic & process monitoring

Bag house Monitors & Leak Detection

Flow Level Pressure Temperature

Compressed Air Drying & Process Gas Analysis

Flow Level Pressure Temperature

Gilroy supply a range of Flowmeters for Liquids and Gases such Coriolis Mass Flow, Variable Area, Flap type, Magnetic Inductive (magmeter), Vortex, density meters, Ultrasonic and Open Channel Velocity meters, Turbine Flow, Sight Glass, Flow switches and Water metering.
Flow meter Accessories such as Display instrumentation e.g. Indicators, Transmitters, Pulse Counters and amplifiers, Flowrate/Totaliser/ Integrators, Batch Controller, Frequency and Current converters.

Gilroy supply a range of Level meters and monitor for continuous and point level switches in open and closed tanks and vessels,. The range includes, pressure, bypass indicators, magnet and Capacitance levels, Float Switches, Ultrasonic and Radar gauges

Gilroy supply a range of general purpose gauges, diaphragm/chemical seals, Differential Pressure & Pressure Transmitters, Pressure and Pressure Difference Switches, for the measurement of gauge, absolute and differential pressure of Liquids and Gases.

Gilroy supply a range of Temperature sensors, Transmitter and switches. The range includes: Sensors, Thermocouples and thermowells, Thermopockets RTDs, Indicators, portable Digital thermometers along with datalogger, and controllers

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